Mint a free

Arcade Machine

and get access to our

1st tournament

with a pool prize of

$ 1.500 USDT

How it works

In 4 easy steps


Get your free arcade machine

As a Tron supporter you will be allowed to mint an arcade machine of our collection for free.

The collection is composed by a total of 10,000 arcade machines. All of them will be given away to Tron community members.

Follow us on twitter and join our telegram group to learn more about how to claim yours.


Win game cartridges

Use your arcade machine to play and compete in different skill games, and win rare game cartridges based on your score.

We will have new games added to our platform every week, so you can keep playing and increase your chances to win one or more cartridges.


Create your Hero

Were you lucky enough to win a cartridge? Great! You can create your hero now.

By combining your arcade machine and one of your cartridges you will be able to mint a hero.

Depending on their type your hero will be different, so choose wisely! Also, note that after minting your hero the cartridge used will be burned.


Win incredible prizes!

If you have created your hero, this is where the real fun begins!

You will now have access to free tournaments where you can earn cash prizes in TRX and stablecoins.

But that’s not all! Keep using your arcade machine to win more cartridges and create new heroes, the possibilities are endless!

Tron Community

We've created personalized traits in our NFT collections for most of the representative projects in Tron Chain.

Check our designs, we hope you like them!

Are you supporting any of these projects? Good news! You have a bigger chance to get one of our arcade machines for free.

Follow us on twitter and join our telegram group to learn more.


  1. Wulf Pack
  2. LionX
  3. Tpunks
  4. T-Rex Punks
  5. BAYCTron
  6. SunSwap
  7. Cubie
  8. Tron Beary Club
  10. Just Money
  11. Baby Turu
  12. Tronbies
  13. Tron Ninjas
  14. TronBulls
  15. sTRONger Together
  16. Cukies World
  17. Tron
  18. TBlocks
  19. Win NFT Horse
  20. Fuzzy Ocean


An exciting 2023 ahead